Equipment We Use

Here at MSI Paranormal   we use a wide range of equipment on every investigation we do.
So here is our kit for you to see


  1. Night Vision Base Unit
    We brought this on board to help us try and get that vital evidence we all crave to prove there is life after death with the hope of catching a full premonition of a spirit energy
  2. Wide Angle Night Vision
    We brought this camera on board due to the wide angle and the amount of Infrared led built into this tyco camera it is ideal for large areas with HD definition
  3. Night Vision Camera
    We decided to use this particular piece of equipment due to the quality of the night vision recording and ease of erecting at the beginning of the investigations
  4. InfraRed Flood Light
    We have found these a vital piece of equipment when we have a very large area to add extra Infrared light is needed these have approximately 500 ultra bright leds which gives a equivalent of a 500 watt garden flood
  5. Hand Held Night Vision
    We was donated this camcorder with built in night vision facility. We have since found this to be a brilliant piece of kit it's ideal for those hard to reach areas to the static cameras
  6. Digital Stills Camera
    Every ghost hunter always has a digital camera for all those impressive pictures all over the internet of orbs and manifestations without this item it is very hard to submit most of the evidence we all have seen over time
  1. Full Spectrum Camera
    Just like the the digital camera but with a big difference this particular camera has been professionally modified to also see both sides of the invisible spectrum to the human eye ie: infrared and ultraviolet as it has been said that spirit move in this field more
  2. divining Rods
    divining rods have many uses but for ghost hunting they can locate energy fields to and direct the user to objects of interest when directed by spirits. it can also be used as a form of communication. They can work with a person's own spiritual energy
  3. Crystal Pendulum
    Pendulums have long been used to answer questions. It is important to confirm with each new energy what swing directions are for yes, no and maybe then they are used to ask questions of spirit and receive answers. they can indicate areas of spiritual activity.
  4. Evp Recording Devices
    These are used to record fully the activity in the room with the hope that along with our voices we will also record spiritual voices that may be at a speed or frequency that is hard to hear with the human ear along with the sounds and voices we do hear.
  5. Laser Dot Matrix Pen
    The Matrix hopes to show more clearly any spiritual shadow or movement as the energy can alter or bend the light as they move through the field.
  6. Digital Thermometer
    Temperature fluctuations are a common indicator of spiritual activity. these highly accurate thermometers can record these changes and as they work via laser they can get into hard to reach areas.
  1. Beam Breakers
    We use these to trip a alarm sound if anything breaks an infrared beam these are perfect for those areas when you have been told that spirit often walk
  2. Plasma Ball
    these balls can be used by spirits to collect energy allowing them to be able to increase their activity. we have also had rather dramatic reactions to these balls.
  3. Wooden Table
    We use these mostly for table tipping activities. This is using spiritual kinetic energy to create movement. The table can move spin and even occasionally fly out of our hands.
  4. Trigger Objects
    These are used to attract spirits they are designed to make noise light up or move from a marked position. They are often toy based.
  5. UV Torches
    the pure purpose for the uv torches is purely for note taking as these only eliminate the pad your are writing on and not the location you are investigating
  6. 2 Way Radios
    A VERY important item for all ghost hunters with these radios we have constant communication between all teams at all times which is highly recommended
  1. LED Projector
    Over time we have found it easier to get get the rules of the investigation and the health and safety factors over to the general public by playing a short video then giving a pre investigation talk for some reason via a film they to note
  2. Tea Urn
    As we all now how cold the night can be!! Now this is the MOST IMPORTANT piece of kit any team can have for that vital refreshing cup of tea or coffee both as important
  3. Flir i3 Thermal Imaging
    Used to take thermal imaging photographs to discern temperature changes not supported by digital thermometer. we can " feel " cold even though our body temperature is normal. this camera reads all temperatures around us to show (hot & cold)