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Angel was nearly 13 when things began to change her life had not been one filled with glorious things, in fact it was quite the opposite she had no friends and had to imagine them in the endless range of china dolls and stuffed toys. They moved to the large Georgian house at Brooksbird, Angel thought it would all be different It took a few weeks to get everything under control and get the house sorted but somehow it did not feel right, Angel's room however felt perfect it was so warm and cosy especially when the door was closed and she was alone. Angel had happy dreams in her room and dreamt about two young children both with blonde hair and blue eyed and almost close to her age, she was so happy they were friends, gradually Angel began to like the rest of the house and one friday lunchtime things changed she had returned from the local library to find that someone had been in her room the silver hairbrush set had been moved along with some of her makeup and one of her favourite teddy bears had been moved from the shelf to her bed. It was as if a young child had been playing with it at first she was afraid, but the feeling soon faded. The room again made her feel safe and calm just like before, Angel put her things back and thought no more about it until it happened twice more in the following week. The movement of her possessions became more frequent but she could not explain it, she wanted to tell her parents but they would tell her to stop imagining things and go out and find some real friends of her own age. Angel decided to keep it to herself she was quite happy with what was happening now and she was not at all shocked to find the children from her dream in her room, the young boy was playing with the bear and the girl was seated on the stool in front of the mirror brushing her hair .Angel kept quiet so as not to startle them the girl spotted her and called to the boy and they both turned towards Angel and giggled, then as if it was all a dream they vanished into thin air. She did not dream of the children that night which was strange but everything was soon to fall into place, the visits from the children became more regular after 3 weeks of visits Angel tried to speak to the children and she asked who they were and got no reply, slowly the boy turned to her and spoke but the words did not seem to come from his mouth but she could hear them in her head" my name is Craig and this is my sister Rebecca you are Angel" she was shocked and nodded. Everday the children came and the line of conversation got more intense there was so much to learn. Angel's parents were the first to notice the change in her she was more at ease and seemed pleased with herself, they then began to notice the deterioration in her school work and could not figure it out and became worried. One night they decided to face Angel there was an almighty row, Craig and Rebecca were hiding in the room and heard everything,it was then they decided to make a pact, they would leave Angel until school had finished. The next day when the children did not visit Angel became worried and it increased over the coming weeks, months later Angel fell into a state of depression she lost her appetite and the weight began to drop off, she would often sit and cuddle the bear Craig favoured and she would brush her hair in the way that Rebecca did hers, she felt so alone again she no longer had her friends. Angel took the pills from the night stand she really wished she could be with the children but she could not .................... or could she.! 

A very big thank you to Rachael Bent for your story 

I spent my teens in the Norfolk countryside as you would expect there are many old houses in the areas so often staying with friends when you are aware of spirit can be a very interesting experience. When I was 14 I stayed with a friend who was living in a very large Tudor farmhouse that had an extension added that was in keeping with the original property. I have always been aware of spirit but had started exploring my skills more for the prior couple of years, We spent the day doing the sort of things young girls do at a sleep over (I should say the girls bedrooms were in the attic of the property) when one of them said to me do you know that someone died here, I said yes as spirit had made me aware of them, I went on to tell them a few of the things that spirit was telling me, I was told that there was a very negative energy in the land around the property that had affected a few of the people who lived there, I told them about the lady that had drowned herself in the river at the bottom of the garden after her children had died in the house. I told them of the child that had been pushed down the stairs from the loft to the 1st floor and broken their neck, The brother and sister who were locked in the attic and starved by their abusive father after their father had beaten their mother to death in the kitchen. Well after a connection like that I was not really sure about staying there but being 13 and although I believed I also still saw things as more fun than serious so after a few more games and chats we went to sleep. The next day we decided to play hide and seek through the house. I had mostly forgotten about the experiences and connections from the night before that was until I was being shown around the house to say where we could and could not go to hide. We came to a mostly unused room on the first floor with a large set of double doors, I stopped and refused to go any further, the feeling I got from those doors was so evil I refused to enter even though that was meant to be over half the area we could have played in. Eventually we decided that we would continue our game outside which went well for a time until it was my turn to count, I moved to a wall that I thought was part of the old house closed my eyes and started to count, feeling a little rocky I reached out and touched the wall. Big mistake I suddenly saw a hooded figure rushing towards me with a screaming mouth though I could not see the rest of the face and reaching thin white arms. The feeling of aggression and evil that came with it is still the most scary spiritual energy I have ever encountered. I shot back and insisted my parents were called to pick me up early. To this day I still get chills every time I go past that house.

From 12 I had my own bedroom and spent a long time working with my guilds leaning about spirit, energy work, scrying etc in there, it is safe to say that the room was very much a sacred space as well as my bedroom, my mum always said the room felt very different from the rest of the house . I was 17 the first time I had a friend sleep over in my room, by this time the spirits and guilds had collected a lot of energy in the room and considered it to be as much theirs as it was mine. I had been having a good day with my friend we were in the house alone and we had been doing a few spiritual activates along with the normal films and chanting until eventually we were tired enough for bed, We had a mattress set up for my friend on the floor next to my bed but as I had a chest of draws that doubled as a bedside table the mattress was a good 50cm lower down the room. My friend and I decided instead of her being on the floor we would share the bed as we often did when I stayed with her. We had continued chatting in bed for a while then decided to settle down to sleep, we were both dropping off to sleep but not quite there when suddenly she was pulled down my bed then levitated across to the middle of the mattress on the floor and dropped on top of it, It happened very quickly and if she had just rolled out she would have hit her head and been on the corner of the mattress not dead centre. As you can imagine she was very shaken up by the experience, I told off my spirit guilds and explained that they were not to move people who I invited into the room, then spent the next couple of hours calming my friend down enough to come back into my room (she originally wanted to go home but that was not possible in the early hours of the morning in the middle of nowhere) thankfully my spirit guild listened and have not done anything like that again but that friend never stayed at my house again.

A big thank you to hex333 for your 2 amazing stories